What’s better than glitter, hearts, cupcakes and Valentine’s Day? A cupcake topped with glitter and hearts FOR Valentine’s Day, that’s what.

Cupcake toppers are so easy to make and can add all sorts of holiday flair to your baked goods. I made these toppers out of nicer cardstock, cute glitter heart stickers, and, drum roll please, tooth picks. Not too bad, eh?
I used a circle paper punch to get a quick, precise cut for my shape. Go for any shape you like, but I thought the circles had a clean look. You can either decorate your circle and simply tape a tooth pick to the back with some satin gift tape or add a matching circle to cover the tooth pick. Your choice, depends on whether or not you want the toothpick to show. If you’d like to cover the back of the topper, I recommend using a flat-ended tooth pick instead of a round one – it helps with gluing the two circles together.
Here are my finished toppers. I kept mine simple, but you could add ribbons, pipe cleaners, etc. I think these make a great gift for the baker in your life, too. Simply put them in a clear cellophane bag, add a bow and surprise your friend.
Once I had mine complete, I decided I needed to show these toppers off over at my local cupcake bakery by my office, The Cupcake Station. It’s not every day you can use your lunch hour to do a DIY cupcake photo shoot!