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For the last couple of years there has been a resurgence in popularity of vinyl records. Largely due to digital downloads rending the portability of compact discs obsolete, people are starting to gravitate to vinyl as the physical format of choice. In this short documentary from Nick Cavalier we get a behind-the-scenes look at the production of vinyl records at Gotta Groove Records, a new vinyl pressing plant in Cleveland, Ohio.

10 thoughts on “How vinyl records are made

  1. Wes, the video is obviously a company intro/promo piece, that includes the details of how vinyl records are made. Not only is that latter part interesting and relevant, but since we’re launching a new series on the site about maker/small businesses, and our latest issue is on desktop manufacturing, it all has relevant value.

    And calling it “yammering” is just unnecessary. As you may have seen, we’re trying to change the tone here on the site with situations just like this. I assume you wouldn’t tell this guy: “Stop yammering and get to the point” 60 seconds into hearing him talk. If you could be so kind as to try and refrain from doing that here in the future we’d appreciate it.

    Was there anything you DID like about the video? I hadn’t seen anything on vinyl production since the ’80s, so I thought it was pretty cool. And I love the idea that vinyl is making a comeback.

  2. a good mix of promo and educational elements. the only thing we missed was info on how the molds are made. that would have made for the complete home school learning opportunity.

  3. Hi,

    I own a vinyl record shop and I love learning about stuff like this. At the moment we only stock pre-owned vinyl….. maybe if things go well we’ll be able to start pressing our own label :) In the meantime great to hear records are still being made!…. BRING 12″ BACK

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