Thanks to Extech for giving away all this swag! And it keeps getting better. Not only was the RC100 upgraded to a RC200, but there are TEN of them now, and TEN pen-style multimeters! Hot dog! Still only one EX540, however.

(winners after the jump)EX540 winner
karmakurma is our winner. While leaving a cool comment wasn’t a criterion for winning (it was purely random) he definitely left a nice one:

I am slowly discovering the wonderful world of microprocessors, and am building/designing circuits using both the Arduino and the 8 bit microprocessors from Atmel. i would benefit greatly if I had an Extech multimeter because it would not only help me debug and test my circuits, but also help in validating passive components,test continuity, measure voltage and current, and perform general debugging and measurements. The wireless logging capability of the 540 will greatly aid in remote data logging and analysis for circuits that have to be monitored over a period of time, and for capturing those rare state conditions when the code breaks down. The Extech is a must-have in every electronics engineer’s toolkit.

On that note, karmakurma, you need to get in touch! I left a message via your Flickr account.

381676 pen-style multimeter winners
(I included the time the comment was left so there’s no confusion.)
Nevin at 2:33 AM
Charxian at 4:07 AM
Mike at 4:41 AM
Nick at 4:54 AM
Alowisney at 5:24 AM
ZackRaynor121779 at 7:24 AM
Ken at 9:22 AM
Kirt 11:41 AM
LoneStranger at 1:20 PM
wwench at 3:36 PM

RC200 winners
… at 1:24 AM
wilcosound at 1:51 AM
Doctroid at 3:45 AM
Justblair at 3:56 AM
mvealey at 5:00 AM
Bob Alexander at 6:24 AM
Malcolm at 6:53 AM
myx_2000 at 7:46 AM
efmca at 9:24 AM
tsaavik at 11:33 AM

Note that all winners should have gotten an email by now. Thanks again for participating, and look for future giveaways on MAKE: Online!