Computer chip earrings

Il 430Xn.102098423
These are lovely.

Pt 2527
I also like these fishing lure earrings from CRAFT volume 03…

Iphone Earrings-Thumb-600X366-38327
And of course, iPhone home button earrings

6 thoughts on “Computer chip earrings

  1. Not to debunk the maker, stuff like this has a niche fanbase, and creativity is unlimited in electronic parts. But I used to make circuit board earrings with tiny chips, resistors etc… made from old circuitboard with the etchings gleaming under the green clearcoat. In making them I had to seal the unit in more clearcoat to keep the lead solder from contacting the skin, and seal the fiberglass edge.
    Around 1999 I made ones like pictured, but with googley eyes glued on to make ‘Y-2-K Computer Bugs’.

  2. @craig – post up a how-to, tutorial, photos, etc so we can post about it! a project like from 10 years ago sounds great!

  3. Are they RoHS ? :-P

    In another type of unusual use of electronics, I know someone who used to stir her coffee with ram sticks …

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