“Batteries Out of Thin Air”

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A battery that runs on air? Why, that’s almost as good as a car that runs on water! Those cars are fantasy, but batteries that run on air are actually quite common, especially among older people. Tiny zinc-air batteries are widely used in hearing aids, where they have replaced toxic mercury-based batteries in providing a small but steady stream of power. They supply more energy for their size than any other battery, because they draw some of their power straight from the air.

10 thoughts on ““Batteries Out of Thin Air”

  1. they sound intresting, might be good for a longer lasting and greener LED throwie.

    Anyone know where we can get them?

    1. You can get zinc-air batteries from anywhere that sells hearing-aid batteries, because that’s what they’re used for. In the UK, Boots the chemist has them.

  2. Okay, I don’t know what significance this picture even has with the post, but the picture itself is bothering me. For one, why would you have that sort of battery pack hooked up to the helicopter when it has a Li-Po battery right there. The second thing is the floating stand, and half of it is missing. It probably has nothing to do with the post itself, it’s just bothering me.

    1. I think it’s a really badly photoshoped picture to try make the point that the batteries are the heaviest item, so heavy that the heli can lift its own stand, but not them. That’s my guess.

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