Image courtesy Jonathan Fiamor Photography.

When I was at UT Austin, a school which is famously car-unfriendly, it was rumored that one of the elder patriarchs of the College of Natural Sciences–a man who had multiple doctoral degrees and had been given countless awards for his work both as a scientific researcher and an educational administrator–had once quipped that the honor that was most valuable to him, on a daily basis, was the “O” parking permit that let him leave his car literally in the shadow of UT’s iconic tower.

Well, in terms of available parking, UC Berkeley makes UT Austin look like an airport remote lot in Iowa on a Wednesday in the dead of winter. And according to this official page there are presently seven living Nobel laureates on the faculty there, so I’m guessing there must be at least seven of the prestigious NL parking spaces. Supposedly, regular mortals have to shell out $50 for presumptuous malparkage among the elite.