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A Way to See the Wind

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Interesting Light: A Way to See the Wind….

This experimental site-specific installation illustrates alternative, sustainable ways of harnessing energy that will explore the power of the wind in the city, visualizing it as an ephemeral cloud of light. The installation is custom built, using 500 mini wind turbines to generate power, which illuminates hundreds of mounted leds, creating firefly-like fields of light, with wind visually interpreted as electronic patterns across the installation. Wind around the southbank generates the power, creating a unique and thought-provoking light art piece that will delight all ages.

More about the project “Wind to Light” at Jason Bruges studio site


2 thoughts on “A Way to See the Wind

  1. i wanna buy these.

    …or at least have the schematic so i can make my own.

    i wonder if there’s some kind of buckpuck to keep the voltage low for the LED’s

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