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YouTube user gloomyandy demonstrates how to stream 8-bit audio through a NXT brick’s crappy speakers via Bluetooth and USB. The trick is to use leJOS, Java-based replacement firmware for the brick. [via The NXT Step]


2 thoughts on “Stream audio to your NXT Intelligent Brick

  1. 1) telepresence robot, follows you around while you talk with your loved ones and streams VOIP over a wifi/bluetooth connection or something similar. Just need a microphone now!

    2) listen to podcasts as you build

    3) alarm clock? Use the lego to build a rube goldberg machine to give you something fun to look at, maybe even make it make your coffe for you.

    I wonder if you can ‘trigger’ sounds, for sound effects?

    I do have a NXT at the moment, so I can’t try any of these, but I can see there’s lots of fun to be had! Maybe next paycheck…

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