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DIY light tent using plain paper and binder clips

Do you have to take some tabletop product shots in a hurry, but don’t have access to studio seamless or a light table? Try this hack. Using plain paper and some binder clips you, too, can assemble your very own light tent. [Thanks, Nathan!]

10 thoughts on “DIY light tent using plain paper and binder clips

    1. The environmental impact of this hack is considerably less than that of other prominent commercial or improvised solutions, therefore it certainly deserves to be categorized as “green”. Rather than stating that you don’t see why, please state why you think this is not a “green” solution. If you’re going to detract, at least add to the conversation.

      I could see that some people might have issues with the bleach in the paper or the metal clips, but everything is reusable once you’re finished using it, so it’s a big win environmentally speaking. I also thought it was a pretty cool improvisation.

      Consider reviewing the new Maker Community Guidelines introduced on 2/4/2010 at

      Let’s all make these comments worth reading!

      1. My apologies, I didn’t mean to sound harsh! I understand the delineation of what is and isn’t green is incredibly arbitrary and differs from person to person. I’ll consider my words more carefully next time.

        1. Don’t sweat it. You’re not the only person to bring this up.

          Garet N. from Seattle, WA wrote:

          “If I search on the “green” keyword, I hope to find projects for reuse, energy efficiency, etc., and so applying the label to other projects because of their materials or construction incidentally (as opposed to primarily) have less impact than a commercial product dilutes the value of the keyword. If the project is a reusable shopping bag made out of scraps of old trousers or old blue tarp laminated with plastic drop cloths, by all means, classify that as “green”.”

          This sounds reasonable to me, therefore I’ve removed the tag. I may not always agree, but I do listen. MAKE is comprised of Makers and it’s up to us to make MAKE the best we can.

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