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Learning Objects for Electronics, a free electronics tutorials website

MAKE subscriber Matt writs in to share this comprehensive electronics tutorial site, Learning Objects for Electronics:

This is a site developed by my good friend Pat Hoppe and his colleagues at Gateway Technical College in Racine, WI. He made these flash animations to help his students practice the basics of electronics; Everything from units, resistor color code, logic gates, filters, op amps, transistors, and even how to use your Ti-86. As a HS electronics teacher, I am very grateful to Pat for the hours he spent mentoring me, and I use this site quite regularly with my students. He’s a great man, and this is a great site for our Make: comrades. Enjoy!

There are 277 different modules in total, covering all of the things mentioned above and more. It was developed for educators to use in their curriculum, but it looks like it could be a good resource to learn something new, or even get an extra bit of review in before that upcoming test.

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