Hacking a Honda Tail Light

The folks at HeatSync Labs, a new hackerspace in Chandler, AZ‎, look to be off to an excellent start. They’ve only been around for a few months, and already the first projects are starting to trickle out. One of their members, Nate Plamondon, needed a brighter tail light for his motorcycle, so he took matters into his own hands and hacked his honda’s tail light. After a few rounds of designs, he ended up with a design that uses a 555 timer and a couple dozen LEDs, and will be able to light up his bike for all cars to see. Looks great, and keep ’em coming!

6 thoughts on “Hacking a Honda Tail Light

  1. Erm, I’m Nate Phillips that’s marginally associated* with HSL.

    I don’t think there’s anyone sharing my full name down there…

    *I say “marginally” because I can rarely make the meetings…I think they’re an awesome group though!

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