Removing eccentric weights from pager motors

Over at the Robot Room, Dave Cook has a brief piece on removing the eccentric weight from pager/cellphone/force-feedback joysticks motors. It really is basically a firm pull with a pair of locking pliers, but you need to do it correctly so as not to bend the drive shaft or mar the motor casing.

Tiny Motor — Removing the weight from tiny vibrating motor

8 thoughts on “Removing eccentric weights from pager motors

  1. A few years ago I had a project where I had to use very tiny motors like this. I tried this method but found that, at least with the motors that I was using, it would damage the brushes because doing this would pull the motor core farther than it was meant to go under normal use. The method that I ended up using was to clamp the weight in the corner of a vise and then use a very short section of piano wire to push the motor shaft out of the weight.

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