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We have covered other robotic Rubik’s Cube solvers before, but the CubeStormer is a little different. It’s fast, really fast! Apparently it’s able to solve any 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube in less than 12 seconds. Then again, maybe it isn’t that fast compared to Erik Akkersdijk!

The Worlds Fastest Lego Mindstorms RCX Speedcubing Robot. Built entirely from lego elements now scanning and solving any 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube combination in under 12 seconds.

8 thoughts on “CubeStormer

  1. What does it do if faced with a cube that has had one of its corners illegally twisted a third of a turn or one of the edge pieces flipped and then the whole thing scrambled?

    I would make it spit the cube out again as soon as it worked out what had happened.

  2. That is an interesting question. Too bad there isn’t more information on the build, otherwise I would email them and ask. Let me see if I can get in contact with any of the builders.

    1. Since the solver will be in two parts – the software that examines the cube and works out the moves and the other part that drives the actuators to execute the solving then I think that the first part would instinctively ‘know’ what has happened. It may then decide to stop or to solve the rest but leave a tampered cubule outstanding. (It couldn’t compute which cubule was the one originally tampered with).

      But it would be really funny if it just got into an infinite loop trying and trying to solve it :)

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