John Baichtal @ Make: Online has the scoop:

The 18th of February has been designated as Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, an offshoot of National Engineers Week.

A few days ago we asked Dr. AnnMarie Thomas, a professor of engineering at the University of St. Thomas, to share her thoughts on the occasion. If you haven’t read her guest editorial, please do check it out. However, the gist was that it’s our responsibility to let girls — and everyone else! — know that engineering and other technical vocations are options.

Engineering is a lot like crafting; it necessitates attention to detail, complex problem-solving, and a curiosity about how things work. In another life I’m an engineer, but in this one I’m a geeky crafter who grew up with science and engineering around me. Introduce a girl to engineering today so that she may grow up to shape the bright, technological future.