This is one of my all-time favorite project ideas I’ve ever seen. Filth Wizardry had the brilliant idea of using dollar store shelf liner as a base for embroidery and sewing for children. She shows how to draw a pattern on the liner with colored markers, making it easy for kids to trace over them with chunky yarn threaded in tapestry needles, and she’s even included an innovative idea for making a kid-friendly needle threader.

2 thoughts on “Embroidery For Kids With Dollar Store Shelf Liner

  1. This is a cute idea. However, I remember going to a craft day at UMass Amherst when my daughter was 4. They handed her a piece of felt and a large needle. I said it seemed kind of sharp, and the instructor said, just watch. Lo and behold, she, and all the other preschoolers stitched amazingly, doing their real work. I asked her how she could work with such a sharp needle. She put the felt down, looked at me and said, “I’m being *careful* Mama.” So the lesson is, don’t automatically dumb things down for kids, they may not actually need it.

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