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Flying panty ornithopter


Fra Fondi, of Hobby Media, writes:

To celebrate the anime “Sora no Otoshimono,” which depicted hundreds of girl’s panties flying like birds, the Japanese company Questioners has produced a series of rubber-band powered Panty Ornithopters. On march 6th these flying pants will be liberated in the skyes of Akihabara during the model rocketry event “Sorafes” (translated “Sky Festival”).

Among the organizers of the event there is an amateur group of aspiring web-livecasters called NKH and Nicotech, an open Internet community of Sunday engineers

I am utterly speechless (and anybody who knows me will understand the rarity of such an occurrence).

Flying Panty Ornithopters!

20 thoughts on “Flying panty ornithopter

  1. Sometimes the posts are just about providing inspiration. It may not be your cup of tea but I enjoyed it.

    Hey, Gareth, do you think Make would be interested Ina how-to panty ornithopter article to compliment the previous article? It might take me a bit to convince my wife to let me usd her unmentionables.

    Panty ornithopters sounds like a band name too!!

    Could make stock these as a kit maybe?

    So many more comments . . .

  2. I wonder what kind of panties provide the best aerodynamics? Bikini, brief cut, low rise??? Obviously thongs wouldn’t provide enough surface area to give proper lift. The world needs to know!!

  3. I haven’t actually seen this cartoon but I did thumb through the comic book its based on. If you watch the cartoon you’ll very briefly (yes it’s a pun) see a girl with wings near the beginning. From what I can tell she’s an angel-like android who doesn’t speak and grants wishes. When she ends up with a high school student (isn’t it always a high school student in anime?) who makes careless wishes, hilarity ensues. It’s kind of like Bruce Almighty only animated and from Japan.

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