Ian Ross’s workbench and shed

Australian reader Ian Ross sent in pictures of his awesome workbench, which packs some interesting gear like nixie-tube test equipment.

It is the disorganised chaos of over 30 years of collecting discarded electronic devices. Some of the test instruments use lovely Nixie tubes and I also have a flat screen telly so I can escape to my sanctuary at night. The main workbench light is a surplus dental exam light which is excellent for working with small devices.

But wait, there’s more! Ian also sent in pix of his treasure-filled shed.

I regard my shed as a sanctuary to retreat to to indulge in some projects such as restoring vintage engines, electric fans or constructing nixie tube or radio projects. The shelves are crammed with all sorts of salvaged items ready for future projects or kinetic sculptures. I have found that sheds are always too small as they fill up with lots of great items.


4 thoughts on “Ian Ross’s workbench and shed

    1. Hi Jean,
      The Solex bikes are very rare in Australia however this paticular bike was rescued from a permnament burial in the local landfill. I have rebuilt the engine and it runs well.
      I do like it as it is easy to start and is great on fuel. I have found another one and I hope to get it running as well.
      Best regards,
      Ian Ross

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