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Don’t let the elevator music distract you, this system can squirt water at 4 bars, or about 60 psi, as compared to a typical fire hose which packs a working pressure of 100 psi or more.

[The] system consists of a number of rotating water jet guns installed on the shipside which provide a continuous high pressure water curtain all around the ship side. The system once installed can be remotely operated from a safe location without any possibility of harm or injury to crew. The system does not require any additional installation which are costly, time consuming and might require various class or administration approvals. Furthermore it provides a visible deterrent to the pirates who will possibly divert to easier targets.

12 thoughts on “Automated anti-piracy water cannon

  1. The pressure spec doesn’t mean anything without a flow spec to go with it. My pressure washer claims 1800 PSI, but it won’t deter any pirates unless they walk right up to the nozzle.

    1. The second video linked to by Anonymous makes the following statement:

      62m reach
      at 10 bar and 1600 lpm

      and for the metric challenged like me:

      200 foot reach
      at 145 psi and 422 gallons per minute

      Sorry, I couldn’t find a conversion from metric minutes to US minutes. :^

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