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Hack your badge at QuahogCon 2010


In a proud tradition of hackable badges at hacker conferences, the fancy folks behind QuahogCon 2010 have designed a really cool looking conference badge. They’ve blurred out some of the key information to help prevent people like you and me (yes, I will be attending!) from getting a head start with writing code for the badge. What I can see is pretty intriguing. There is a PCB antenna, an FTDI chip, and a handful of LEDs. Looking at the I/O pins and the fact that this chip is wireless, I’ve narrowed down the processor to a few options. Can you guess what the are?

I’m not going to reveal my hypothesis, but I am going to reveal another less secret bit of news about the conference. If you register, use the code MAKE20 to get a 20% discount.

The conference is April 23-25 in Providence, Rhode Island. Be sure to try out johnnycakes while you are here!


Kipp Bradford is a technology consultant and entrepreneur with a passion for making things. He is the Senior Design Engineer and Lecturer in Engineering at Brown University, where he teaches several engineering design and entrepreneurship courses. Kipp is also on the Technical Advisory Board for Make Magazine.

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