In a proud tradition of hackable badges at hacker conferences, the fancy folks behind QuahogCon 2010 have designed a really cool looking conference badge. They’ve blurred out some of the key information to help prevent people like you and me (yes, I will be attending!) from getting a head start with writing code for the badge. What I can see is pretty intriguing. There is a PCB antenna, an FTDI chip, and a handful of LEDs. Looking at the I/O pins and the fact that this chip is wireless, I’ve narrowed down the processor to a few options. Can you guess what the are?

I’m not going to reveal my hypothesis, but I am going to reveal another less secret bit of news about the conference. If you register, use the code MAKE20 to get a 20% discount.

The conference is April 23-25 in Providence, Rhode Island. Be sure to try out johnnycakes while you are here!