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Cindy at Skip to My Lou shares her recipe for making homemade taffy and shows the fun afternoon of making taffy with the kids. I love the photos of them trying to pull and stretch the taffy. It’s hard work!

12 thoughts on “Homemade Taffy Recipe

  1. Oh my gosh! My friends and I used to love making peppermint taffy in high school. Those pics are really nice, with that beautiful shiny red taffy. They make the process look so clean! I guess it is, essentially. Except for the butter. You have to butter your hands up really well, and your workspace can get kind of buttery! I remember getting burnt hands from trying to pull the taffy while it was still too hot.

  2. I forgot how much I love making taffy! I would make it with my mom, who used to make it with her grandfather in Vietnam when she was young.
    Instead of the hand to hand pull method as so brilliantly demonstrated by the children in the photos, we would pull the taffy by looping it around a nail in the wall

  3. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the taffy pulls that my sister and I had at my grandparents home 50 years ago. I remember the butter all over everything, my teeth sticking together as we “taste-tested” our work. Those were the happy days. I was so glad to find this on the net. I didn’t think anyone pulled taffy anymore.

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