Mark posted this on Boing Boing and it made my heart all a-flutter. It reminded me of both my first car, St. Francis the Wonder Car, a yellow, ’63 VW bug, and the John Muir book, How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive, that kept it going. The car was called St. Francis ’cause a lot of fervent praying was involved in keeping it alive and the Wonder Car ’cause it stayed alive for YEARS beyond its prime. It was the first car whose mechanics I knew intimately. It was the last car whose mechanics I knew intimately. I really loved working on it and I loved Muir’s book for making it so seemingly easy to do. And the illustrations of this man, the late Peter Aschwanden, had a lot to do with creating that air of accessibility and agency. I like Mark’s comment on the BB post:

His cover illustration for The Septic System Owner’s Manual almost makes me wish I had a septic tank.

Me too. And I just might just have to buy this Bug poster.

Peter Aschwanden