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In the Market: “Funky metal trees”



I love watching Makers Market filling up each day with amazing new work, with offerings that run the gamut from inexpensive geeky gadgetry to one of a kind pieces of art. One of the discoveries I’ve recently gone gaga over is the wire and wood tree sculptures by Kevin, dba “kaitrees.”

As he explains in the above video, the wires he uses to sculpt the trees are continuous, from root to branches and leaves. The wires in the 21″ sculpture above started out at six feet in length! Kevin humbly describes his creations as “funky metal trees.” Some of them take over a hundred hours to complete. The above piece he estimates at about 160 hours.

Makers Market: Kaitrees

20 thoughts on “In the Market: “Funky metal trees”

  1. I just can’t fathom the amount of patience and dedication it would require to twist hundreds of 6′ wires together to make a piece like this.

    1. Agreed, Gareth.

      I have a hard enough time staying focused on crocheting a small stuffed animal, let alone something like this. Amazing!

      Plus, I would have thought the individual wires would be longer than 6 feet. (couldn’t watch the vid @ work; does he introduce new wires in the middle?)

      1. There are a few strands that do not run from root to leaves on the very bottom of the tree as I thought I needed some extra, thin roots at the very bottom.

  2. I’ve seen scale trees made this way by model railroaders, but they don’t carry the technique to such spectacular extremes. This is really amazing work.

    What wire gauge is that, about 5/0?

  3. Talk about making something from nothing! What some people would just toss out sure makes for a very cool sculpture. Not cheap, but based on his hours he has invested into it I can see the value.

  4. Very kool. When twisting the trunk, do you twist the wires in a bundle altogether by hand or individually wrap it for the flawless coil?

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