How big is Rhode Island? Well, it’s about the size of… Rhode Island! Sometimes I feel like part of a strange joke living in the national yardstick. So it is with great excitement, yet great concern that I noticed several major hackers will be descending on Little Rhody for QuahogCon. Is the state big enough to contain celebrity hackers Jimmie P. Rodgers, Mitch Altman, and Matthew Borgatti?


I can’t wait to find out. Maybe there will be a hacker showdown at high noon! Maybe we’ll all survive the genius onslaught long enough to hear Matthew Borgatti give the closing keynote and hopefully explain how he got so many snakes on that plane.

I’ll be sure to share whatever stories I’m able to escape with, but you might just have to experience it firsthand. I recommend bringing a bicycle with lights and an open mind, prepared for talks like gender hacking and maybe a late-night secret bicycle adventure through the streets and alleyways of Providence, led by yours truly…