I am over the moon with excitement for these new Saga guitar (and banjo, mandolin) kits the Maker Shed is now carrying. I’ve been ogling such kits ever since Steve Lodefink did a kit-guitar project on his blog. These instrument kits require just enough work that you feel like you’ve really accomplished something, and you get bragging rights for having built your own axe. The customizing possibilities are also exciting. My credit card started trying to sweet talk its way out of my wallet the second I saw these in the Shed. I think *I’ve* sweet talked the Shed into sending me a kit to assemble and document for the site. Editorship has its privileges (that and a lot of unseemly begging).

A bunch of MAKE staff members are being similarly seduced by their pocket plastic and the call of these kits. I smell MAKE staff DIY jam band at the next Maker Faire! Move over Spinal Tap!

The kits come in a variety of guitar styles, from flying V to double cut-away, and range in price from $179 – $259. There are two bass models (at $195), two mandolins (one electric, one acoustic), and two banjo kits.

One of the things I’m most excited about is coming up with some amazing veneer or finish and a design for the peghead. Not to mention the creation of my own nameplate to attach to it.

Then my next DIY music project after that will be re-learning how to play the guitar! I haven’t played since high school.

In the Maker Shed:


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