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Physics professor Kieran Mullen of OU apparently has a hard-and-fast rule against laptops in class. To drive the point home, he staged a public execution of one by freezing it in liquid nitrogen and smashing it against the floor, where its broken remains were left as a warning to others. Of course the whole thing is staged and the laptop in question was old and worthless, but hey, any excuse to freeze stuff with LN2

[via Engadget]

22 thoughts on “Professor destroys laptop with liquid nitrogen

  1. He does an important job.
    He is probably extremely talented.
    He needs to spend a bit more time in the ‘real’ world and get over the rush of adrenaline that he gets when he demonstrates his ephemeral authority.

  2. All that build-up and no money shot of it actually smashing.

    Also, it’s a bad idea to wear gloves while pouring liquid nitrogen. If it splashes on skin it will immediately evaporate without causing any harm but if any goes inside your glove you’ll lose a finger. Put them on before handling the laptop though!

  3. Completely understand why he want’s to make a point concerning laptops in the classroom. The students should pay attention to what he is saying and not watching films.

  4. IF he is implying that he’ll smash your laptop if you bring it to his class, he better think about,

    1) How much you paid for the laptop.
    1A) The value of your data in the laptop.
    2) How much you paid for his course.
    3) How much your bail for assault will be.

    He really needs to think about this. Seriously.

  5. I agree with norttocs and rallen.

    Frankly the little mock anger or threat at the end tells me that this guy has maturity issues.

    And if I were in his class I would make the laws regarding destruction of personal property clear to him. Unless he thinks he is above the law in his classroom.

    If he can prove that I’m goofing off and watching movies, then he can toss me out. If he insists I use pencil and paper, well I hear the Amish need physics professors. *snort*

  6. Unfortunately the only reason to watch this is to watch a pompous jerk walk back and forth, because the payoff that we all want– the smashing and the bits– happens out of frame….:(

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