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Gimbal-mounted kid’s snack bowl


This product by Löopa is called the “gyro-bowl,” in spite of the fact that, since it does not exploit conservation of angular momentum, there’s really nothing “gyroscopic” about it. I haven’t purchased, used, been given, been paid to endorse, or otherwise had any first-hand experience of this product, but the idea is certainly clever.

[Thanks, Billy Baque!]

10 thoughts on “Gimbal-mounted kid’s snack bowl

  1. Have these designers come across non-docile toddlers?

    Yeah, this thing seems to roll and twist without spilling. But, my daughter (apparently as old as their “product testers”) doesn’t roll and twist her cup full of cheerios. She *shakes* it. A weighted bowl on gimbals is useless against a vigorous up and down motion.

    Nothing beats the little bowls with the “iris” rubber stopper on the top. Little hands go in, little cheerios only leave when plucked.

    1. My toddler does exactly the same thing. In fact, she’d see this bowl as a toy to be explored, and its contents would inevitably hit the floor as quickly as always…

  2. > it does not exploit conservation of angular momentum

    Sure it does! Zero is a momentum, that’s what is conserved when the handle is twisted and the bowl doesn’t move

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