Recycling design competition

Background: The Recycling Designprize

It is an „open” competition which invites all creatives and designers with professional or semi-professional education to submit their works and concepts.

We ask for the design of objects made of “garbage” and/or industrial rests of production. The objects should be made for daily use or for décor. The objects should be planned for production in “smaller” or “bigger” series in the frame of an institution of employment promotion. It is not allowed to use materials which are marked with the “green point” (which is a special german collection system for the packing material of consumer goods).

The aim of the designprize

Via the use of “littered things” (from industry, handicraft), garbage, “residual material”, useless things shall become useable. The developed products shall be displayed for sale in institutions of employment promotion and generating so a social usability. The production of “clever”, “beautiful” and “useful” objects which award a prize conduce the environment and are a contribution for employment promotion.

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