The Sampler shows us a great colander light how-to from Eleanor of Stylish Crafts — I love her bold bright colors, just in time for spring! Plastic colanders are cheap and easy to manipulate, and they look great hanging in nested clusters. For a simpler look, use natural (full spectrum) or soft white bulbs instead of colored xmas lights.
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6 thoughts on “How-To: Colander Lights

  1. UL-rated Christmas lights are only rated as temporary lighting (no more than 90 days!). They are intended and designed for short-term use – fine for a few weeks on the tree, but not for lighting that you want to use for any length of time. The idea of using collanders is great, but use rope lights or a pendant lamp kit if you want to be safe leaving these on as lighting for any length of time. (and, before someone comments – check out http://www.ul.com/global/eng/pages/corporate/newsroom/storyideas/holidaydecoratingsafety for more info!)

  2. Thanks for the great tips on lighting, both for safety and durability. These are important things to consider before starting any project that includes electricity.

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