Shapelock allows you to rapidly create mechanical prototypes parts, brackets, housings, molds, etc. This amazing plastic melts in hot water and locks rigidly at room temperature! Super Strong, Tough, Safe and Reusable! So what is it? ShapeLock is an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Low Temperature Thermoplastic similar to Nylon or Polypropylene in toughness but does not need high temperatures or high pressures to form into useful shapes.


  • Reusable – Just reheat and remold, endlessly recycle-able.
  • Super Tough, Safe and Non-Toxic.
  • Machine-able – Easy to saw, drill, tap and mill.
  • Paintable – Readily accepts Acrylic hobby paints, dyes and pigments.
  • Excellent material for frames, brackets, forms, molds and custom parts.