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Blind camera takes somebody else’s photos

Buttons is part of a project by artist Sascha Pohflepp called Blinks and Buttons. It is, essentially, a “blind camera.” It has no optical parts, only a big inviting red button and an LCD screen. When you press the button, it records the time, then wirelessly searches the internet for a photo taken at the same moment. [Thanks, Billy Baque!]

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4 thoughts on “Blind camera takes somebody else’s photos

  1. Ah, what a wonderful idea! Now, for a phone that makes calls on other people’s phones, and a light switch that turns on someone else’s light…

    1. …that I can take with me on trips. And instead of actually taking a picture of myself and my significant other with whatever landmark in the background, I can just mash the button as I drive by, and it’ll automatically go find the spacetime-closest photo in the tubes. And then splice me and my lady friend into the foreground. And then upload it to my Flickr page with an appropriate inane title.

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