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Mr. Bond, your jetpack is ready

According to a piece on GOOD:

A New Zealand outfit called Martin Aircraft Company is going to start selling commercial jetpacks for about $75,000. They’re 200-horsepower dual-propeller packs that can “reach heights of up to 2,400 metres and top speeds of 60mph” and don’t require a pilot’s license. Look for pill food and robot butlers soon.

[via HacDC mailing list]

Flying into the future: New Zealand company to make personal jet packs


24 thoughts on “Mr. Bond, your jetpack is ready

  1. Yeah, as much as I adore Mythbusters, I learned awhile ago that just because they couldn’t get something to work doesn’t mean it’s not workable.

  2. re mythbusters. what about eric scott ?

    i like yves rossys version of it better, a lot safer, but not really the same thing

    1. I think the Mythbusters myth was testing you could make a jet pack from plans off the Internet. This is something that’s been developed over 10 or more years with lots of capital behind it.

  3. I still want my Hydrogen Peroxide version….even if it only works for < 1 minute! Remember that episode of Lost in Space?

  4. I wrote an article for Discovery Online in the nineties about the original Hydrogen Peroxide belts and got to talk with many of the folks (still alive) who were involved in that.

    You can read the piece on my old tech site, Street Tech:

  5. I didn’t see the flight duration which means either it wasn’t there or I’m highly unobservant. Did they say how long you can fly with this thing?

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