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Yup. There it is. That stack of old magazines you’ve been saving to … hmmm, what was the plan again? Coffee table? Collage? DIY dollhouse? Cut and paste cookbook? Well, there’s really no shortage of what to do with printed paper goods, and Maria of PaperBling reminds us that upcycling paper is fun.
All her paper scrap jewelry is made with old magazines — mostly from Elle, Elle Decor, Weekend Guardian magazine, Icon — cut by hand, waterproofed with plastic foil (the same type you use for school books), and then sewn by hand with invisible thread. Each necklace is given a name accompanied by a fabulous description. For instance, Chlorine reads: “You are stuck in the city, not lost in a seaside paradise. It’s hot, and sticky. You go down to the pool, and there’s that buzz, and the splash!, and that wet freshness. And the thousand random kids, and your magazine ….” Ah, how refreshing! Now go out and try it yourself!

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  1. HI KT,
    I love these first 2 posts…recognize your kitchen objects.
    Would you like to use my flower petal ornaments as a spring re-purposing item? I can send you phone pictures. Claire

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