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For her son Logan’s 5th birthday party, Katie Goodman whips up some solar system chocolate cupcakes and shares her recipe.
Katie writes:

Logan always likes to ask people what their favorite planet is. Most have never thought about it before and have to think for a bit before answering. I always tell him Earth is my favorite and he always asks why. I love this beautiful planet, especially now that I’m seeing a tiny evidence of the spring we will soon experience.

2 thoughts on “Solar System Chocolate Cupcakes

  1. oooooh! You know I love these! So cool!
    For the record, my favorite planet is Saturn. I know that’s pretty cliche, but it’s just an insanely cool planet. I used to be nuts about Jupiter (and I still love it like crazy) but when you start learning about Saturn, you can’t help but be completely blown away by it.
    Give it up for PLANETS! ;)

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