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Virtual Nautilus

While the renders look a little dated, it’s hard not to appreciate the passion put into this recreation of Jules Verne’s iconic submarine. Even the boring rooms are mapped out and recreated in 3D!

I began the effort to develop a complete set of detailed source files for the Nautilus in 2001, when I acquired my first computer, and my first copy of modeling software, Bryce4, followed by the addition of 3dStudio in 2003…I would estimate conservatively that to date I have invested a minimum of 5000 hours in the project over the past 9 years; not all of that on creating the basic file sets, but rather a lions’ share spent on constantly updating/improving/adding detail to the original files, which took roughly three years to create. It’s a labor of love, inspired by the Disney movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and nurtured over the decades since by repeated readings of Verne’s novel to glean every nuance possible of the vessel’s design and construction, along with insights into Nemo’s personality and motivations.


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