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Makers Market seller Kevin of kaitrees has a bunch of great videos on his market blog. They range from details of the pieces themselves, to “slap tests”, and works in progress. It’s a neat look at the process that goes into making these pieces.

My sculptures are an effort to distill what real trees inspire in people into something one can have inside their living or working space.

This tree in the video above will require about 500 hours to complete, stand over 7 feet tall, and will use about 1000 strands of aluminum wire. It’s his largest piece to date, and looks Amazing! I wonder how much it will weigh?

6 thoughts on “In the Makers Market: Wire trees

  1. Hello Marc I went out on the porch and gave it a lift.
    Feels like 30 lbs now so I will guess about a max of 50 lbs
    as there will be trimming done on the lower branches.
    Thanks very much for taking interest in my trees.

    1. Wow, that’s it!

      …and thanks for posting all these great videos, I really like seeing the whole process.

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