FSC plywood pic.JPG

Photo courtesy Coastal Treated Products Company.

In a discussion in the comments on yesterday’s “plastic plywood” post, I mentioned that I was often reluctant to buy plywood and other “new” timber products at the hardware store because I didn’t know how to tell if I was buying forest-friendly wood or not. A kindly gent named Hank responded to tell me that it was as simple as looking for the seal of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and supposedly that even the big orange store “is surprisingly good at stocking FSC certified lumber.” I haven’t verified that last bit for myself, but I did spend a long time googling around yesterday afternoon and satisfied myself that these FSC folks are on the level. That’s their “tree with a check mark” seal in the photo, above. Now I know what to look for. And so do you. [Thanks, Hank!]