The Vacuum Tube Radio Kit allows you to put together a real, functional, vacuum-tube radio! And it looks so sharp, once you’ve built it you’re going to want to show it off. Includes instructions in Japanese, but we’ve got English instructions right here under the “How To” tab. MAKE is proud to be the exclusive distributor in North America for these brilliant kits, part of Gakken’s Sophisticated Science Kit for Adults series.

Kit includes:

  • Pin straightener for the vacuum tubes
  • Testing microphone so you can make sure everything is hooked up correctly to produce sounds
  • Rubber feet on the fiber board to minimize “howling”
  • Variable condenser to allow for finer tuning
  • Re-creation of 60-year-old circuits
  • More powerful transformer for better volume and sound quality
  • Runs on five 9V batteries and one C battery (not included)
  • Tubes are 100% functional NOS tubes