The sixth Food Design competition just announced their call to entries:

Participation in the competition is free and is open to all those who want to put to test their abilities in projects linked to the theme of Food Design. Particularly architects, professionals, artists, craftsmen and designers creatives, high school students, university students and students of the sector. Participation can be either individual or collective and in the latter case a person must be appointed and will be the only referent for the promoters of the competition. When students or a group of students from a class or a course are coordinated by a teacher, he/she acts as a referent.

The aim of the competition is spreading, promoting and fostering design culture through projects that re-interpret customs and functions linked with food. In particular the shaping of new behavioural models, new rituals and habits combining the materials with colours, flavours and inspirations. Research and experimentation are brought forward on the theme of food, of its packaging and of its use. They stimulate the quest for new functional solutions which must also be sustainable and flexible.

If you love art, design, and food, go check it out! [via Core77]