Food & Beverage

Today I’m heading out for an early afternoon crafty session with some friends, and I’m bringing cupcakes! I made cupcakes using Martha Stewart’s Perfect White Cake recipe, which is my favorite of all time. But I have to say, I took the plain cake to the next level with the best frosting ever- caramelized condensed milk. It’s the most simple process ever. Make it by setting one can of sweetened condensed milk in a soup pot, cover it with water, and then boil it whole for at 2 to 3 hours. The boiling process literally cooks that sugary milk into a dark brown and amazingly complex gooey caramel. The longer you cook the can, the darker and thicker the milk will become. Let the can thoroughly cool, and then open it carefully and spread the deliciousness onto your cakes. I topped mine with a raw pecan. ZOMG.