Our pals at Jigsaw Renaissance are looking for new members so they can afford a new hackspace.

Director Willow Brugh sent us the following:

Jigsaw is a group of multi-disciplinary individuals with a desire to educate themselves and others. We band together to share space, tools, ideas, and motivation. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you want to do – we want to help you do it*

Why we need a new space: we’re currently housed under the West Seattle bridge, amongst construction and loud transportation. We found a space in Seattle’s First Hill which would be perfect : high ceilings, concrete floors (covered with a thin layer of carpet), kind neighbors, bus lines, etc. It’s big and it’s gorgeous.

Why we need your help: Unlike many hacker and maker spaces in the US, Jigsaw is member supported. We make our rent by all pitching in. To make this new space work, we need more members. While we have the money to move into the space, we don’t have the membership to support it sustainably. We’re about $900 shy per month (which seems like a lot, but we started with a third of the membership base we needed to move in, gained another third in the last week, and are now left with the remainder).

If you’re in Seattle, please consider joining up. Details can be found here on becoming a member.