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Cubely: a new 3D printer?

Cube.ly appears to be a 3D printer that uses 80/20 girders for the 2’x2’x2′ chassis, with all electronic components identical to those used in the Makerbot and Mendel. The project’s charter describes the project’s goals:

Provide a fully capable 3D printer which can be used to directly manufacture or can be used to easily create the precursors to large volume traditional manufacturing including vacuum forming, injection molding, casting and others.

The core device must be buildable using standardized, commodity components that are widely available and under $1,000 USD. The core device must not require any other device as a prerequisite to build it (other than identified tools).

The core device must be able to be completed by typical implementers in 30 hours or less including time to purchase components and assemble
The core device must be able to be finished and assembled with only a modest set of tools including screw drivers, a drill press, a collection of drill bits and a circular or table saw.

The primary goal of Cubely is to get 10,000 Open Hardware 3D printing devices in the hands of 10,000 people worldwide by Jan 1, 2013.

It looks awwwwwfully preliminary but fascinating and ambitious nonetheless.

[Image credit: JohnKit]


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