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Magnetic wristband keeps parts at hand


I don’t usually get tool envy, but I’m really digging the idea behind the MagnoGrip wristband. Being able to keep extra hardware on my wrist, instead of in a pouch? Yes, please! Of course, you might be able to make your own using some scrap fabric and magnets from a dead hard drive. Anyone try it? [via technabob]

8 thoughts on “Magnetic wristband keeps parts at hand

  1. Nice idea and not just for carpenters and such, but for the auto mechanic and hobbyist to hold on to those small parts that can easily fall and get lost.

  2. My wife was having a hem taken up recently, and I noticed the dressmaker using something very similar to hold pins. Do a quick Amazon search for “magnetic wrist band” and you’ll find it for $10, which is slightly cheaper than the branded version shown above. Of course, you could also make your own with a few fridge magnets and some velcro.

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