Runner’s “Not a Fanny Pack” Utility Belt

CRAFT: Future Craft Collective

By Future Craft Collective
When you embark upon your life as a runner, you swear you’ll never end up as one of those total geeks you see on the trail with their fanny packs slung oh-so-not-cool-ly on their hips, holding all their gear. But then you go out for your first big run and you realize, oh, I actually need to bring stuff with me: wallet, keys, runner’s goo. Do you have to let go of your hip style in order to run with the big dogs? We think not. Neither do you have to let go a big chunk of change as this little number inspired by Spibelt, cost just a buck 99.
Now I admit Kathie is the running geek in this Future Craft partnership. She has one full-on marathon under her runner’s belt and a whole lot of 13-milers as well. And let me tell you, she does not let go of one iota of her cool-stylin-self when she hits the streets. In fact, when she runs on by, I yell out, “looking good Kathie!!!” And she just smiles and waves, patting her goo pack, knowing that all she needs is tucked right there in her rocking tech-tee utility belt.

Runnersbelt Materials


1 tech tee a thrift store score for just $1.99!
1 piece of old elastic tie-down and clip salvaged from a cast-off suitcase
Invisible zipper
Sewing machine


Runnersbelt Step1
Step 1: Cut 2 squares from the tech tee: one 8″×8″ and one 6″×6″.
Runnersbelt Step2
Step 2: Next, sew an invisible zipper into each end of your 8″×8″ piece of tech tee, to create a zipped tube. For a great tutorial on inserting a zipper, watch this video.
Runnersbelt Step3
Step 3: On your 6″×6″ square, turn down 2 opposing sides ½”, and stitch.
Runnersbelt Step4
Step 4: Take a piece of elastic around 6″-8″. With your hemmed 6″×6″ square, lay the elastic down the middle of one of the unhemmed sides. Fold one hemmed side over. Then fold the other to overlap, so that the 6″×6″ square is now folded into thirds, with the elastic under the 2 hemmed edge folds. Sew across one top.
Step 5: Open up your 8″×8″ piece and lay it as flat as you can (the other end will be held together with the zipper pull). Center the tri-folded square in the middle of the piece of fabric, and sew into place.
Runnersbelt Step6
Step 6: Okay here’s where it gets a bit tricky to explain. With the zipper pouch inside out and the tri-folded square stitched to the center of one end, center and pin the zipper in the middle of the tri-folded piece. (You are looking at the back of the zipper, as your pouch is inside out.) Note that there will be some excess fabric. Fold half of it over one side and half over the other, creating a pouch-y effect for your wallet. Pin together and sew a ½” seam allowance.
Runnersbelt Step7
Step 7: Do the same thing on the other pouch opening, except instead of stitching down the tri-folded square, you will stitch down a longer piece of elastic measured 12″-14″. Fold in the same manner as the other opening and stitch.
Runnersbelt Step8
Step 8: Turn the fabric pieces right side out.
Runnersbelt Step9
Step 9: Now you’re going to add your goo-pack/nutrition holders. Cut a short piece of elastic around 5″, and stitch it to the longer elastic piece that is already attached to your belt. Start off sewing it backwards, then flip it over and topstitch it for a sturdy hold.
Runnersbelt Step10
Step 10: Fold over and sew down the piece of elastic, leaving some slack for the nutrition slot. (Some may call their mouth a nutrition slot, but this is different.)
Runnersbelt Step11
Step 11: Split the elastic area into thirds and sew the divider lines.
Step 12: Depending on the type of hardware you salvaged, you’ll want to attach your hardware to each end of the elastic. Stitch well for extra strength. Now you are ready to hit the trail, iPhone, goo pack, and all!
About the Authors:
Future Craft Collective is brought to you by Kathie Sever and Bernadette Noll. Kathie is an accomplished seamstress, creator of Ramonsterwear Custom Western Wear, artist, and mother of two. Bernadette is a writer, co-founder of Slow Family Living, and mother of four. They have found renewed energy in their collaboration and are continuously amazed by the ideas, inspiration, and a-ha moments that have come from this shared effort.