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At long last – a top-down camera view!


Achieving good camera position for soldering and various tutorial shots has always been quite a challenge for me. I’ve tried Gorilla-Pods, table leaning tripods, and a few different DIY designs with varying amounts of success. Oddly, I never considered my own gooseneck/panavise hack as a possible solution – I suppose the weight of the camera seemed too much for a single microphone gooseneck to hold.

While shooting an upcoming Circuit Skills video, I finally gave the ol’ “Arm of Assistance” a try and lo and behold – it works! While I’m likely to add some think rubber grips to the vice clamp, the setup is surprisingly sturdy as is. My Sanyo HD1010 is pretty lightweight as vidcams go, so of course YMMV.

Ideally I’d like to attach a suitable camera mount/bolt directly to the gooseneck – mnwingnut’s recipe seems a likely contender for this. Anyone out there had luck with similar setups?


How-To: Build the Arms of Assistance

8 thoughts on “At long last – a top-down camera view!

  1. I have the Sanyo 1010, which it looks like you are using in the pictures. Are you using the wide angle adaptor? If so which one and how do you like it for closeups of electronics? I have been mounting mine on a tripod extended above my shoulder and point down at an angle.

  2. Couldn’t you just set up a mirror above the workspace and shoot the camera at that? That’s how they shoot cooking shows.

    1. Sure, that would likely do the trick – but would also prolly be quite a bit heavier than my camera ;)

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