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Backyard FX have been running auditions for a new host of the show. I’m pretty impressed with many of the entries. Not only are the hosts surprisingly good, but the production values are fairly high, and the projects they document, decent. Here, Mike Smith and his robot sidekick, Tec, show you how they built a Rocket Man-worthy jet pack movie/cosplay prop from junk and hardware supplies.

Jet Packs and Robots: How to: Backyard FX


8 thoughts on “Jetpack costume prop from junk

  1. Yikes! That video, which was fine yesterday, is now auto-running and shouting through my speakers about “miracle stretch mark creams” with every fargin’ page load.

    Please turn it off!!! (he says in mock horror)

  2. We apologize for this. It was definitely not our intent to spam you and we don’t intentionally run auto-run videos. I’ve unembedded the video.

  3. I swapped out the Indy Mogul embed with the YouTube version. Should be good now. Let me know if there are further problems.

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