By Tiffany Threadgould
In CRAFT Volume 09, I showed you how to transform cereal boxes into business card holders, magazine holders, and postcards. Since it’s UpCraft month at Craftzine, I decided to upcycle that idea to include a pencil case, too.
This pencil holder will make a great case for upcycling. When you’re done, don’t let this project keep you boxed in! Try coming up with your own cereal box upcycling project.
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22 thoughts on “Cereal Box Pencil Case

  1. Hello Tiffany.
    I’m a writer in the Spanish version of Make: Online (http://es.makezine.com) and I just posted about my son’s school project. His English teacher taught them how to make a small wallet out of a milk or juice carton, and I wonder if maybe she got the idea from CRAFT. I’ll ask her next time I see her, but maybe you could tell me if you have posted about a template to make wallets…
    Thanks in advance for your answer!

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