In the Makers Market:  Stegosaurus Tinysaur kit

Bored with those die-cut plywood dinosaur kits? Try building one with tweezers! Maybe in a bottle, like a model ship, for added challenge? Seller Everything Tiny wants to send you one of these awesome little stegosaurus model kits in a mint tin:

Build Your Own Tinysaurs are miniature dinosaur models you assemble yourself. Each kit comes with laser cut parts and instructions to make your model. Finished models stand approximately 1 inch tall. Mini Steg is a little larger than the other models, because Steg just has that big of a personality. He’s still small and cute though, and will sit happily for hours in the palm of your hand. Kit includes parts, instructions, tweezers, glue, and comes in a nice steel box. Once you’ve put Tinysaur together, you can use the box for other fun things like hiding treasure.

4 thoughts on “In the Makers Market: Stegosaurus Tinysaur kit

  1. I received one of these for Christmas last year and completed it just before new year. It was not that difficult to do, even with my big stubby fingers.

  2. I LOVE these things. I’m thinking all of my family members are going to find these in their stockings come next Christmas.

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