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Printable MakerBot Dremel mount

Thingiverse user Webca’s Dremel attachment is output on a 3D printer in three parts and then screwed together. Plus, it’s strong enough to hold the actual Dremel instead of requiring the use of a flex-shaft.

4 thoughts on “Printable MakerBot Dremel mount

  1. Why didn’t you utilize the threads just above the shaft? That’s what those threads are for… mounting a routering shoe, attaching the flexible shaft, etc… Seems odd that the attachment wouldn’t take advantage of the mounting threads FOR an attachment. Less parts too, seems the baseplate could be one piece from the left to the right, but have a hole drilled in the center for the threads.
    just an observation.

  2. I imagine that it might be difficult to print threads. I’ve seen a few shop-built Dremel holders, and they mostly used this sort of clamp approach for ease of construction.

    I’ve read that there are two different Dremel threads depending on the model (and age), apparently both non-standard. There might be a Maker-volume market for a plate with Dremel thread cut into it. Otherwise, Dremel sells a router attachment that screws into the mounting thread.

    So how far are we from a CNC MakerBot Mill now?

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