From the MAKE Flickr pool:

This cute assemble-yourself lamp is available in kit form from the Chinese website (?) and costs 78 yuan. Mangled translation courtesy of Google:

Impetuous anxiety in this vast land, and we afford to dream of a moment’s peace. In the night, lit one for himself only to his own light bar!
Material: 5MM E1 grade basswood splints
1. DIY. Their assembly and their own polishing, painting the color of their choice. Fun.
2. The bottom of a caster, you can get around. Hold on lost.
3. Wheels stainless steel screws, nuts and gasket.
4. Lampholders and wire all passed CE and UL certification.

This sounds like the sort of thing that would be good for Thingiverse — a laserable lamp design that would be compatible with a hardware store socket-and-cord product.