“How does the product use our time?”

CastOven is a future microwave oven, which plays a You Tube movie clip to fit into your cooking time. Watching movies, playing video games, and browsing web pages are fun, but all of them require certain amount of time of us to spare. For example, one would hesitate to purchase a new roll playing game, because it would take him some tens of hours to clear the game. We think differently. One should not make his activities adjusted to a length of contents, but the contents should make adjustment to it. Our effort around the concept of “Ubiquitous Society” was over. We have been taking a novel step along the idea of “how those products and services have users spent their time?” The next business market is placed at the core, where a time as a flow of user’s activities.

Fun project, I would like to introduce the video playing microwave to the CAPTCHA enforced ad watching patent…

CAPTCHA Advertising Closer to Reality

Two enterprising dudes from Germany are trying to patent CAPTCHA advertising, with a twist: the CAPTCHA message will be contained in a video ad. “User needs to pay close attention to the advertising video clip in order to gain access to the requested content. This way, the user cannot use advertising blocking programs, close the advertising or ignore the advertising, if the user wants to gain access to the requested content.”

This could be a great match made in hell, you’d pop your food in to the Google(tm) YouTube microwave and it would find a commercial that’s exactly the same amount of time as it takes to cook your food. You’ll then need to watch the ad in order to cook your food (eye tracking maybe) and for the door to release, perhaps needing to click through or something.